Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Jumping off the cliff, the boy screamed  into the lake and water flew up into the air. As the boy started his jump he leant over the lake then, Splash!  The Frosty man was watching when he dropped his ice cream into the lake.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

New Zealand flag

I think that we should change the flag so we don’t have the union jack any more. Lots of people are  saying that we are Australian. We like the new flag so people don‘t say that that we are Australia. New Zealand is a proud independent country.

We are no longer a British colony. So we shouldn’t have another country’s flag on our flag. The new flag is the best.

We should not change the flag because it was a part of our Nation. The Blue comes from the British Union Jack and has come to represent the blue sea and sky. The southern cross emphasises our location in the south pacific ocean.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Blob

Waiting in the line, kids jumped onto the blob and crawled onto the other side. They all wanted to fly up into the air. When I saw a really fat lady she was ready to jump on the blob with her swimming suit and send that little kid up into the air when it was my turn to be flying it was fun because it was funnest thing I ever done. That was awesome.

So when went to get a drink from my dad he told me 'son I want to go on the blob'. Ok come with me it gonna be fun . When i got there the line was empty so we tried it out he said "that is awesome".

Then I went home to good night sleep for school.


They had a spare one because someone will pop it we waited for one hour to blow up. but finally it was time for me to do it, I saw a big man that was gonna send me fly into the sky. but it was finished and we went home to sleep.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Key competency goal

Key Competency Goal

My Key Competency Goal is  I am learning be a great group member by listening to others.AJ F.png