Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The terrible underpants

A riving to school I played at the And suddenly the bell and it was time to go to class Mrs king told us that we had to go to class for learning. As Mrs King was talking to us we had to go to the hall so that some teacher could to us some books they like. The favorite book that I heard was from Mrs King The book was about The terrible underpants

The Girl Had no underwear so she went to check outside and saw her dirty under and that was the part that made me laugh and laugh. So at school In the book she done an hand stand and an helicopter toke a photo and saw her terrible.

Thank you to Mrs King for setting this Activity up so the team three could learn and have fun with your class mates. And thank you for all the teacher for taking there time us and thank you very much.

Thursday, 1 December 2016


All you need to play this game is you need to use the arrows

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Scatch Animation

Click the green flag to hear my characters speak.
Press the space bar to start again.

Friday, 18 November 2016



In our Movie Atom are all around the world and even we are made of Atom. H20 stands for Hydrogen and Oxygen And makes Good water.

Friday, 28 October 2016

The magic stone

“Hey Finn I think we could go for a walk in the woods” “well what are you waiting let go already” walking through the woods they saw the most biggest Panther ever. Finn had knife in his back, he pulled out the knife and stabbed the panther right in the heart while blood coming out the panther. They walked back into the house and they see an newspaper ,so they picked it up and suddenly he saw the gem on the newspaper and it said “ this gem is worth top dollars” he said while reading the newspaper in his hands.

They packed up their backs and flow away from America and went to the amazing San Francisco and up in the plane there was an service who was from America and that was there friend. As they were looking for the gem they found a maps in the plane lying on the ground. It said on it map that the gem was in the in the most brutal museum, they fighted against Indian security guards and found the towers that the gem was in the glass window .

They climbed the down the tower fast as they can and found the gem. Finn and nate were found in the towers stealing the gem and that was caught on video. They ran outside and there friend from the planes came saved there lives from getting killed from the sniper. The man that was driving the car was Jeff Robert and worked with Finn and Nate and becomes three richest men in the hole country.

Seeing the video they came poor and lived in the street. They had no food and could not survive. So they died in streets lonely without love in there heart.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Ginger beer

today we the tasted best ginger beer that we made out of hand and some help Miss king Mum. When we opened the ginger beer it exploded.

Friday, 21 October 2016

The runaway robot

“Hahahaha” shouted The mad scientist as he made his lastest creation that was called Finn. “ My lastest creation has been born out of tools” he said to himself. He looked like the most adorable little Baby that was supost to be an evil slave, but he grew up as the richest man of the united states of America and that was very good for the mad scientist.
He came the richest robot of America and ran away from his creator because he didn’t like his creator because the creator made Finn steal 2000 dollars a night 2 aclock at night. he will sneak into the most creative banks and he wills make the agent go asleep. He said “hahaha” out happiness he smiled and smiled.

As he grew up he saw his creator nailing a sign into a wooden pole saying if you find this Robot and bring him to me you will get 256 dollars. Suddenly he flew away finn and made a force felid and he burst out of nowhere and the creator said “ No my creation has been a fail”.  But when the Mad Scientist chucked him the  rich robot away Finn had been faking his death. He went out of the junk and made himself stronger and faster and smarter everday he will to the go gym and go for an swim.

Finally at last he rush to his creator and said “if you try to catch me you will end up with some broken bone” he said out of anger. The creator started to burn Finn and started to stop him from shooting his own fire blast, Finn blasted his fire and died because he had no more power left.

He was sent off in his creators lab and was charged there in a box  forever and ever. The creator erased his memory and said “ good my good very best friend” but the robot didn’t now that he was still rich and then a thiefs stole all his money.

Friday, 14 October 2016

MAD scientist

It was 2036 Doctor Ugly Man Lives In a secret underground Lab In the Lab There was a very Bad Illegal Position that was banned 2012 years ago.
People say that he was the first man to event a position so that he could Survive longer than 2 million years for him to be evil.
He survived the biggest explosion in 1656 his Dad was the man who made the massive bomb to explode the universe but it didn’t work that goo

Doctor Ugly man Mixed the most illegal position and lava together and it exploded
half of a Planet called nova “nobody can ever stop me ”he said.
He started To build An army to rule the universe There was 4 million Soldiers.
 he made an powerful gun that was called Armour gun. “Where is my armour Gun” he shouted.

“Guns are really powerful” “with this gun  I am going to rules the universe” he said.
Doctor Ugly Man service was very smart that they Builded an to teleporter so that they can go to a another planet  and destroy it.
Doctor Ugly man builded an machine so that could have powers, it took 2 years to build it, the powers he had was heat vision and strength ,speed, invisible, and ice powers.
But At the back of Doctor Ugly man got stabbed in the back . but he still survived then he died because he had too much powers that he could not handle it.
Then the FBI came and took Doctor Ugly In Prison. It was the scares ,ugliest and the most Brutal prison ever. So he was laid down on the ground died and lonely. Then AJ Faleono SAid “ finally at last the war finish” he said to the world and became president of the whole world.

He took Doctor ugly man powers and made peace.

MADE FROm Doctor ugly man /AJ

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Treasure Hunt

It was a creepy and stormy night. Sam walked slowly towards the house. Fear dragged him nearer and nearer. What was hiding behind those old scary tombstones?

Walking to the tombstones he saw a team of zombies. One of the zombies grabbed sam and started punching him in the stomach. Sam’s blood started coming out  then straight away he fell down and died.

Sam Mother was worried and went to check outside and saw Sam as a zombies. Sam mother was scared but by this time it was the afternoon. Sam was melted and turned into slime.

Sam funeral was lonely the mother was the only person that came . Sam mother was crying and crying so she dig up a hole and pushed the tombstones in the hole. She said her last word then Sam closed his eye.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Friday, 16 September 2016

let's go Eels

On wednesday
‘ morning some of our class members went to a special class with the  Author of let go Eels. The special place was the tusitala. We were the first class that Mrs kermode introduced the book of let's go Eels.

The very first thing we done in the tusitala was learning different greeting of different country. We learned new creatures because we played who am I. The activity that helped my learning was who am I that the activity that helped my learning to know more different Species.

The sea creature are every extronady they have every different body. We need to don't chuck our plastic rubbish. We could keep the water and don't kill the eels.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Usain Bolt

This is my Animation about Usain Bolt and I hope you like it.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The First Olympic

The Olympics of 1896 in Athens in Greece had fourteen countries taking part with most of the athletes from Greece. This first modern Olympics was the largest meeting of international competitors that had ever occurred. The next Olympics held in Paris four years later was the first to allow women competitors. This time the Olympics was part bigger event and lasted several months.

Pierre de coubertin

After a gap of hundred of years the Olympics return to Athen in 1896. The reason behind the recreation of the Olympics was because of one man Pierre De Coubertin. He admired the Greek ideas of fitness and sporting competitiveness amongst different communities and he hoped the Modern Olympics would bring country closer together.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Ben Johnson

In 1988 Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis were the two fastest In men In the Olympics. they were in the 100m sprint finals.People will always remember this race about Ben Johnson cheeting.

Ben Johnson looked like that his eyes were red and blue.He was scary and looked like an monster. he was wearing red and white.

Ben Johnson was cheating from using drug in the Olympics. He set the world record but he got caught from using drug. So Ben Johnson was band from the Olympics.

So Ben Johnson was disqualified for taking steroids to the olympics.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Space Maths

This is my maths activity, I also went to a space adventure to the galaxy of planet AJ.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


In Ancient Greece Fencing was used to practice sword fighting. In Ancient Greece fencing was used to practice for wars. Fencing was so graceful that they thought it was an art.

Fencing was introduced to the Olympics in 1896. In fencing if you hit the person in the torso it light up green. In the modern days they were full white suit to protect there.

There are 3 different kinds of fencing,foil is longest and light,Epee Is more heavy largest and Sabre are light and it shorter. Most competitive fencers choose to specialise in only one weapon. The only way to win is to hit the in the chest get an point.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Along time ago there was a war in Marathon it was between the Greeks and the Persians. At the very end Greece had won the battle so they sent a boy to send a message to Athens. His name was Pheidippides. He ran for 42.2 kilometers.

As Pheidippides was running, it was summer he had no water, toilet or food. There were rocky mountain and massive hills and rocks on the ground with sharp rocks. He kept on running until he made it to Athen.

As Pheidippides arrived he shouted “Joy we won” he shouted to the King and the Queen. Suddenly he died out of dehydration.

So that’s why we call it in the Marathon so that we could remember about Phedippides.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Usain Bolt

As Bolt was sprinting, he came first in the 2012 Olympics London breaking the world record. He was training for four years,he  felt really thankful for his family supporting him and proud of himself for winning the gold medal for his country. Usain felt really excited, like a champion.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Olympics flames

The Ancient Greeks started the tradition of having an Olympic flame. In Olympia a sacred flame is lit by the sun's rays and stays alight until the games have ended. The flame symbolized a request for protection from Zeus and the athletes’ struggles for victory.

The modern flame symbolizes the light of the spirit, knowledge and life. to this day the torch is still lit in Olympia in Greece, then carried by a relay team, passing runner to runner until it reaches the host-city of the games. There, the cauldron will be lit and stay alight until the closing ceremony.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Ancient Olympics

The Olympics began over two and half thousand years ago in Ancient Greece. In those days Greece was made up of several different states including Athens, Sparta and Corinth, and they were often at war with each other. But when the games were on, they held a truce.

The greatest event was held at a place called Olympia, and this is why the games are called the Olympics. They were held once every four years in honour of Zeus, Lord of all the gods.

Eventually the ancient Olympics were abolished by the Roman Emperor, Theodosus the First, who was a Christian and didn’t like the games because they were dedicated to a pagan god. But the Olympics were always remembered as a symbol of human achievement and peace.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Geometry garden

Explain how you have used tessellation in your garden.
It used by repeated shapes and there should be no gaps Also the shaped that I used was a triangle and they were green,sliver.

Explain how you have used symmetry in your garden.
1. symmetry is an like a mirror. Also the flowers were made to look beautiful in the path way of tessellation and the flowers are symmetry they are cut by and it has four sides also if you fold it will it will look like it has two sides and that is the is rotation symmetry. Also when turn it around it will look like same.
2. A line of symmetry is just the the butterfly so there is an mirror and there is one half of an butterfly and you draw the same of the other half and that makes reflective symmetry.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Dream bedroom

Tu tuhi

  First thing in the morning we got to split up in 2 group the first group went on the bus early in the morning also the second group went after morning tea. As they arrived we got ready to go to on our trip on the bus to tu tuhi. As we arrived there was a machine that blows smoke out.

So the whole class went to sit down and waited for Jeremy for instruction. As we were waiting we handed our backs over to the helper and the teachers . So we got up in to two lines to a room to make a dream house.

In the room we made dream houses out of shapes and pencil,glue, and vividering. As we were making our dream we had to sit down for an hour. After making the dream house we got in to two lines and walked down the hall way to the art gallery.

As we got to there we had seen an table with paint and to use the tables is that we had to put on a blind fold to cover and paint people in beside you. After painting we got to stick it on the wall. As we were sticking it on the wall we walk  into the funny we went to bus and went back to school

6 Thinking Hats

6 Thinking Hats
Write 2 - 3 sentences for each hat as a reflection about our Art Creation.

How I feel about my artwork or the whole process.
Creating my Art work made me feel proud because I have finished my work. As I was doing my work with my friends I was feeling confident.
What did I enjoy most of all or what was the best thing about my painting.
The  thing that I enjoyed was doing my work with my  friends and putting on the little white dots in the sky. Also I The other thing is vivdering with mates .
What did I find hard or I didn’t like.
The thing that i did not enjoyed was painting and drawing.  Also the hard thing waspainting carefully in the lines with out any help.
How can I do my art better next time?
By coming back with a good attitude and never giving up I could do better next time. Also I have to listen carefully to other and focus.
What was the most interesting thing I did or my friends did.
The most interesting thing was trying to listen carefully if I made a mistake. Also the most inresting thing about Jacob was that he could not listen to me about painting in the lines.
What did I learn most about?
The most thing that i learned about that we should always paint in the lines. Another reason is that we had to draw nicely.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Friday, 1 July 2016

My Duffy book

This is my Duffy book and I cant wait to read it at school or home when I go to sleep..

Friday, 17 June 2016

Tamarereti story

Long long time ago In the Maori world there used to be a living taniwha that lived in Lake Taupo who hunted people who stayed in the water too long.
In a whare was a littile boy his name was Tamarereti He was so  hungry that  he went fishing in the morning. He got his waka ready and his bag so he can catch fish.

So he went fishing in the Lake Taupo. It was the after noon and he was so tired so he lay down for a little moe on his waka. As Tamarereti was asleep, the wind pushed him and the waka all the way to the other side of Llake Taupo. As he landed on the land he woke up and it was night. Tamarereti got out of his waka and cooked the fish one by one.

As he was cooking he saw some Glistening pebbles so he had a idea to keep him saffe from the taniwha
so he grabbed the glistening pebbles and put them in the boat. So tamarereti went on the lake with his boat and threw the glistening pebbles on to the sky and giuded him back to his home safely. As he got back So he went for a long nab until it was tomorow afternoon he woke up visted ranginui He said “ the sky looks really cool and i want your boats to be in the heaven”.

THE END                                                                     

Friday, 3 June 2016

Home sweet home

Once in a Teribbles street there was a derelict house. The road was had dirty water, long grass that was brown. The house that lived there were all loney.

As the house was sitting on the groud he tryed to get out of the groud. He sretching his foundation and he got out of the ground. So he went for a jurney to find happiness.


The Colosseum was built 2000 years ago. Just after Jesus was born.. It was used to kill naughty people and Christians who belived in God and Jesus. The Colosseum had wild animals like wolves, bears and tigers that would fight and kill people.

Gladitators fought with the animals to kill the people. The King’s name was Caesar he loved watching fighting. The earthquake made the top of the Colosseum fall to the ground.

Eiffe tower

In France there is a buliding called the Eiffel tower its a masterpiece of workmanship. When the sun shines on the eiffel tower it shines like golden steel. The Eiffel Tower has a strong arched based.

From the top you can see breath taking view. The Eiffel tower is the most visited place in france,over 6.98 million people has been to the Eiffel tower. The paint is like ten elephant.

The Aventure

Imagine the fun creative activities we could do for art this term. The art we could do is making a man out of paper and paint it. Imagine the greatest day of school all about art?

The first activities is we had to make a Whare with Whaea Saf with paint a card board after painting we had to Colour in the little Taniwha and stick it on the wall. The next thing we did was drawing a cartoon of ourselves it was fantastic. The last thing is making animals out of paper our tecaher was Miss Taylor.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Great wall of china

The Great wall of china is build 2000 year it was used to keep the mongols from conquering the massive country. The captain of the mongols ruled china his name was Genghis khan. Many workers 3000,000 died from the construction and never succeeded keeping the barbarians out.
Hope you in joy our moive

Thursday, 5 May 2016

My dream bedroom

Around my bedroom I have a blue trampoline. The trampoline helps me go to my bed faster because I can jump to my bed.
Pool table
The pool table for my friends who come over to stay. The pool table Is for my auncle also my dad because they really like playing pool table.
Pool outside
The pool is for me and my family to relax in the pool. The pool is kind of a stem room and heat comes in the pool.
Play station
My playstation is for me if I am bored. The play station has 2 player so that me and my brother can play.
The racing track is fast and can go to the pool with my racing car. I use the racing track to race people like my friends.


Tessellation Is a repeated shape that make pattern with no gaps. I Tessellated a square.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


On Fiafia night the Kapahaka costumes were very cool and awesome it made us look like Maori warriors.  Kapa haka has the coolest costumes in school. Kapa haka is really cool with piupiu and no t-shirt

When I walked up the stage I was really nervous standing on the edge. Standing on the edge I had butter files in my stomach. My teacher for kapa haka was proud of all of us.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Under the white water, powerfully my little arms circle like a windmill to the very end. Diving into the pool my teacher tells me to swim like mermaid. I like the games we play at the end of swimming lesson.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Jumping off the cliff, the boy screamed  into the lake and water flew up into the air. As the boy started his jump he leant over the lake then, Splash!  The Frosty man was watching when he dropped his ice cream into the lake.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

New Zealand flag

I think that we should change the flag so we don’t have the union jack any more. Lots of people are  saying that we are Australian. We like the new flag so people don‘t say that that we are Australia. New Zealand is a proud independent country.

We are no longer a British colony. So we shouldn’t have another country’s flag on our flag. The new flag is the best.

We should not change the flag because it was a part of our Nation. The Blue comes from the British Union Jack and has come to represent the blue sea and sky. The southern cross emphasises our location in the south pacific ocean.

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Blob

Waiting in the line, kids jumped onto the blob and crawled onto the other side. They all wanted to fly up into the air. When I saw a really fat lady she was ready to jump on the blob with her swimming suit and send that little kid up into the air when it was my turn to be flying it was fun because it was funnest thing I ever done. That was awesome.

So when went to get a drink from my dad he told me 'son I want to go on the blob'. Ok come with me it gonna be fun . When i got there the line was empty so we tried it out he said "that is awesome".

Then I went home to good night sleep for school.


They had a spare one because someone will pop it we waited for one hour to blow up. but finally it was time for me to do it, I saw a big man that was gonna send me fly into the sky. but it was finished and we went home to sleep.