Thursday, 19 October 2017

Term 2 paidea seminar

Term 2 seminar was a very hard thing for me. I did not participate enough because i was so scared to talk because i might think that they would not understand me. I need to talk more and put more information when I talk.

Teachers say that i've been waiting for the teacher to put and question in seminar I will answer it. So next time i'll talk  more in the paidea seminar and do not wait for the teacher to put a question in the seminar. 

Extension Animation

Here is my extension animation about how we have to adapt to live on another planet.


The Right Beat

Thursday, 28 September 2017

paidea seminar

At the paidea seminar I never talked too much because i was to scared. Next paidea seminar try will try to join in with all the other. I learned that I had explain more when I talk.

Also I would try to piggy pack on people ideas and don’t agree with people other ideas. The paidea seminar was a big push up for me. it helped me by pushing my confidence and made me better.

Extension animation

Here is my extension animation about leaving earth.