Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Maui and the Sun

This is my animation of Maui and the Sun.

Caretaker and the Enviroment

Caretakers and the Environment from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
 In Extension group this term I have been learning about the environment and pollution. My group had to do some research from the point of view of a caretaker of a school. 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Camp writting

Wow what a great day to be kayaking What I learned there was how to hold the pattle.I was the only one who Made it to the green pole. A the end we had to go back and change into our dry.

My favourite part actually sleeping. Because I was so tired that I wanted to sleep in the movie night. When I went to sleep jacob could not stop talking to so sleep inside my sleeping back.

Something I learned was not to eat loiile in the night becasue
Me Jacob and Josh got in trouble for staying up to late. And somthing else I learned was never turn on the torch when the  teacher sleep next.

Thankyou to Mr burt for taking us to Kayak and Thankyou to Mr sommerville for all the activity.

Maui and the sun

Hi everybody this my animation about the environment. Long long ago there was a strong man named Maui. He was sailing across the sea. But 2 minutes later the sun was slowly going down. The moon came and the sun was vanishing. Maui was angry so he grabbed his magical fish hook, jumped high as he could, and dragged him back to the middle of the sky.
He said to the sun “You must stay here as long as possible because we don’t have enough time to fish.”
“Ok just let me go first please” said the sun in pain. So off he went to go to catch fish for his village.

Friday, 31 March 2017

My creative writing about the enviroment

Swimming in the lake, the ducks could not survive because Of Toby and Josh. They kept on chucking their rubbish in the lake.  In the lake there was a can of mango water and a water bottle that came from Toby and Josh. The ducks tried to pick up the rubbish from the lake to put it on the land so that the baby ducks would not eat the rubbish.

While the ducks picked up the rubbish, Josh and Toby ran and chased the ducks. Running after the ducks, they chased them to another lake which was covered with pollution. When Josh and Toby saw the lake they felt horrible about what happened to the other pond.

“Look what happened Josh. There’s rubbish every where.” Toby said

“Yeah there is rubbish everywhere. We should not throw rubbish again.” said Josh.

They cleaned up the lake and fed the ducks with bread. They were never to be mean again. They went under the water to clean up the rubbish that was under the water so that fish could breathe properly. They picked up all the plastic bags and cardboard.