Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Using time tables for a song

Do you think it is a good idea to learn our time tables using song why/ why not

Some people has discovered that pairing the music with the rhythm and pitch.  That can help people learning and improve there learning. Also music does not pay you attention it also make you feel better when you are doing something boring.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tuesday morning recount

Coming to school on a tuesday. Watching a video of Mr bean showing us how to use our ears and not our mouths. Mr Bean showed us how it could be fun and very funny.

So after the video Miss West told us to go outside and line up. Walking to the field was not so good because there was people who were running around and going out of line. When we got to the fields Miss West told us to get in a circle.

When we were in the circle Miss west told how to play. we played and it was very funny. So it was my turn and Jacob was frozen and then I went to him and then I had to freeze but there was Some people started talking so we just started the next game.
So the next game started and it was very boring because there was only four groups that went up. Because some of us were playing and it was me . The game was about how we get into groups and act out a sence and one person from another group and guess what were doing.

So It starting to rain and all of us were getting wet and Miss waiting for us to get in two lines. Also we kept on stopping because of people getting out of line and people getting angry. So we went inside the   

Friday, 20 October 2017

AJ and Toby problem solving 1

Immersion assembly

On the first day of school it was a great start. We went inside the hall and sat down with some music playing. First Mr jacobsen told us about his cousin and how he played the drums in a pipe band. His group was very cool because there was a lot of instruments playing and it was so nice.

The team 1 act was starting and they were acting about how music can change your emotion.The act was very cool because there was lot of music that changed their feeling and it was funny how one of them were very scared that hided under the table. Team 2 was very nice because Mrs gasden voice was very beautiful as she sanged the lion jungle with the ukelele and she sanged all the teachers in team 2 came in and played the instrument with the beat of the song.

Team 3 was very funny because very word they say had a song in it. Team 4  was next and that is my team. There movie was about music that can  make you feel happy and that can always have fun inside the car.

Team 5  was very emotional because they were watching a clip and it was very nice but the song was changing and it was very scary.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Term 2 paidea seminar

Term 2 seminar was a very hard thing for me. I did not participate enough because i was so scared to talk because i might think that they would not understand me. I need to talk more and put more information when I talk.

Teachers say that i've been waiting for the teacher to put and question in seminar I will answer it. So next time i'll talk  more in the paidea seminar and do not wait for the teacher to put a question in the seminar. 

Extension Animation

Here is my extension animation about how we have to adapt to live on another planet.


The Right Beat

Thursday, 28 September 2017

paidea seminar

At the paidea seminar I never talked too much because i was to scared. Next paidea seminar try will try to join in with all the other. I learned that I had explain more when I talk.

Also I would try to piggy pack on people ideas and don’t agree with people other ideas. The paidea seminar was a big push up for me. it helped me by pushing my confidence and made me better.

Extension animation

Here is my extension animation about leaving earth.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Stardome trip

On Thursday we went on a trip to Stardome. We went inside the bus it was really hot and people at the back of me telling to me put my seat up. There were no windows, no aircon, just the heater. Our leader was named Mr Eze. He plays under 20 for All Blacks ,he looked after us and took responsibility for us.

We went into Room 1 inside Stardome and we learned about space. After that we did a scavenger hunt. We were looking for answers from the questions that John gave us. Our group named Galaxy first  came and that was our group because we are so smart.

After the scavenger hunt we went into a very important place could the dome. We learned that if you see a star that is not moving and shines ‘bright’ it’s a planet. We watched a movie and it was very cool and was giving me a headache. After we went back and I went in the same bus and was really hot.    

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Space Animation

Untitled from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Capture the flag recount

Taking part of capture the flag was so boring and it was so short. the games were fast we only had 2 games in the morning . We had one green team and one red team on the field. In the corners there were  flags where you had to get the flag and return to your corner.

Where you get your flag from the other team are cones that are blocking the flags and In the square is your safe zone. When I went to get the flag there were people who were goose guarding and standing I front of square. I won many flags for my team and we won the game.

I was so muddy because I kept on diving because there was no way to walk past because there people  goose guarding. It was kind of fun playing with my friends because had no help. It was such a sunny day but the field was so muddy so we had wash our feet.

Yellow highlight a simple Sentence

Blue highlight a compound Sentence

Green highlight a complex sentence

Writing a story

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Space voice over

Today’s animation is about space.There once lived two young men who were digging for soil but they couldn’t  find anything so they kept on digging. They found something black and white it was the core they smash the core and the worlds was about to end. Five years later the world was turning black. So two of them built a spacecraft and went off to find a different planet. They found a different planet that was called earth two it just looked like earth better. Ten years later they built a house so that they could live in it they found lot of resources so that they could live there.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Rubric Reflection

I looked at my rubric and I knew I could do better also I was proud of myself .I scored more than my old rubric but I still  had to work on talking much in the seminar. Also i have to work on explaining more about my work and the words I say. But I have to work on Planning Research because didn’t get a high score for that.

I have to work on my Forum/Panel Discussion because I thing I never tried my best so next term I am going to try my best.

Friday, 18 August 2017

How to fit a helmet

How to fit a helmet
Ingredients/ Materials/ Equipment
The Equipment you need is shoes and a helmet.
Methods/ Instructions
If you have a helmet you have to check that there is no crack.

Second you do is put one finger in the front of the helmet and put it inside the helmet.

Third you do is put two finger in above your eyebrows and if it right.

Fourth you do is put your three finger at the bottom of the belt and if it touch your chin it right for you.

Fifth you do is take off your hair accessories.

Also make sure you make a y on your belt that on your helmet.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

All about my country

Sunny day

After the rain stopped the sun came out shined at house or your house so I went outside and had I little play with my brother. We played kicks near the park over the goal post. But there was a creepy man stalking me and my brother.

So me and my brother ran home with our bikes to where we live. But when we looked outside he was still there so we told our cousin and he told us to go sleep because we looked tired. So after we slept There were no scary man.

So our Mum came and said are you all right cause your cousin told us you were seeing a scary man.      

Rainy day

The first day of the holiday had a very bad weather and that was today. I wish that we could go outside to have fun  but I had to stay at home with my cousin over 20 years old because my Mum and Dad had to go work. What I did was I stayed and blogged at home with my chrome book in the front.

The next hours I decided to play cards with my sister and she kept on winning all the time because she learned it before me. So we played bus stop four time and she won all of them because she had fast hand writing and can think faster. So played one more game and she won three time and I won one game.

So after playing all of those game I started to have a sleep but I had no sleep because of Richard’s loud snoring. Then I tried to go sleep in the front but my cousin turned on the speaker and my ears were hurting. So I slept in my mum and dad room and fell down and went sleep.  

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Back in da Day Production

My favourite part of the Back in da Day mini production  was when the slow motion part happened. Also when we all had to come together and pray before the show so that we had so that we have the courage to stand up and say our part.  I was so nervous. I had to work on saying it probably and remember the lines without the lines.  
There were 18 of us creating our production it was every hard to do because we had to design the clothes. We had to make the sound and make our own music and we used garage band. Also we had to draw the background and write our research.
What I did was acting as brother but I was supposed to be a sister because Amira didn't come .so I had to learn Amira's part of the production. Also I am apart of the light and sound group.

Date: 2.10pm 27/6/17

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Problem solving 7

Smart shoe writting

The is black on the side and White on the and  a logo that say digitsole with another logo in the front .  I Think the materials is made out of is leather and has no lases on the shoe. The shoes is electronic and jumps high as possimple

can warm your feet and when you put it on  it tighten up because it won’t and checks you temperature. Track your days and tracks you down helps you not fall down mountain And parachute will come out. I think it is used for exercise and can follow we you could go and be safe.  How it work is that it is controlled with your phone.

What problem does it solve is that make people health good. It used for people how are old and keeps them going. How it works is there are heater in there and bluetooth and the charger and circle near the bottom.

It is a good idea for old people so that if they could not move they could use it to move there body. I would not buy the product because some people might steel and to exspevince to buy. It is a good product and to exspevince and useful for everybody.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Respones to roy


Aotearoa News
Aoearoa News

Write here

They used the waka to take food from island to island and they will build houses for kid and women if there is big waves and storms. They will move the sail where the wind is going and make the boat go faster.

Friday, 26 May 2017

AJ challenge

Land boat

  • We are designing a land boat in room 10 so we can learn how to work it and use it when we are old enough to ride a real boat.

You will need.
  • Sail cotton because so that it could go faster.

  • Sticks to hold the sail because if theirs is no stick to hold it will just fall away

  • Wheels because the would won't move

  • Sharp stuff on the sidebecause if another boat come we could knock it out

  • Boosters because so that i could win

I would not use cardboard because it would make it wet and make it slow. In makerspace we are make land boat with Mr vogt with knifes. Somtimes we get our boat and we have a race other boat with our class mates.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Coin catching challenge

My ears were hurting because of all the people laughing. People were screaming for counters like they were in the jungle. On the hard court I started with one counter. I ended up with eleven counters.

People were saying that it was really impossple to but it was easy .How the challenge works is that you have to put the counter in your elbow. flip it up and catch it  with the you flicked with it.

Jacob trying to cheat by picking every counter that people drop to get more and more he had sixteen. Josh trying really hard  to get up to three but he was really bad at it he even tryed to still some from the box. Freedom lieling to Miss west that he done twenty and at the end we told him to do twenty and he failed.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Maui and the Sun

This is my animation of Maui and the Sun.

Caretaker and the Enviroment

Caretakers and the Environment from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
 In Extension group this term I have been learning about the environment and pollution. My group had to do some research from the point of view of a caretaker of a school. 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Camp writting

Wow what a great day to be kayaking What I learned there was how to hold the pattle.I was the only one who Made it to the green pole. A the end we had to go back and change into our dry.

My favourite part actually sleeping. Because I was so tired that I wanted to sleep in the movie night. When I went to sleep jacob could not stop talking to so sleep inside my sleeping back.

Something I learned was not to eat loiile in the night becasue
Me Jacob and Josh got in trouble for staying up to late. And somthing else I learned was never turn on the torch when the  teacher sleep next.

Thankyou to Mr burt for taking us to Kayak and Thankyou to Mr sommerville for all the activity.

Maui and the sun

Hi everybody this my animation about the environment. Long long ago there was a strong man named Maui. He was sailing across the sea. But 2 minutes later the sun was slowly going down. The moon came and the sun was vanishing. Maui was angry so he grabbed his magical fish hook, jumped high as he could, and dragged him back to the middle of the sky.
He said to the sun “You must stay here as long as possible because we don’t have enough time to fish.”
“Ok just let me go first please” said the sun in pain. So off he went to go to catch fish for his village.

Friday, 31 March 2017

My creative writing about the enviroment

Swimming in the lake, the ducks could not survive because Of Toby and Josh. They kept on chucking their rubbish in the lake.  In the lake there was a can of mango water and a water bottle that came from Toby and Josh. The ducks tried to pick up the rubbish from the lake to put it on the land so that the baby ducks would not eat the rubbish.

While the ducks picked up the rubbish, Josh and Toby ran and chased the ducks. Running after the ducks, they chased them to another lake which was covered with pollution. When Josh and Toby saw the lake they felt horrible about what happened to the other pond.

“Look what happened Josh. There’s rubbish every where.” Toby said

“Yeah there is rubbish everywhere. We should not throw rubbish again.” said Josh.

They cleaned up the lake and fed the ducks with bread. They were never to be mean again. They went under the water to clean up the rubbish that was under the water so that fish could breathe properly. They picked up all the plastic bags and cardboard.

Friday, 3 February 2017