Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Using time tables for a song

Do you think it is a good idea to learn our time tables using song why/ why not

Some people has discovered that pairing the music with the rhythm and pitch.  That can help people learning and improve there learning. Also music does not pay you attention it also make you feel better when you are doing something boring.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tuesday morning recount

Coming to school on a tuesday. Watching a video of Mr bean showing us how to use our ears and not our mouths. Mr Bean showed us how it could be fun and very funny.

So after the video Miss West told us to go outside and line up. Walking to the field was not so good because there was people who were running around and going out of line. When we got to the fields Miss West told us to get in a circle.

When we were in the circle Miss west told how to play. we played and it was very funny. So it was my turn and Jacob was frozen and then I went to him and then I had to freeze but there was Some people started talking so we just started the next game.
So the next game started and it was very boring because there was only four groups that went up. Because some of us were playing and it was me . The game was about how we get into groups and act out a sence and one person from another group and guess what were doing.

So It starting to rain and all of us were getting wet and Miss waiting for us to get in two lines. Also we kept on stopping because of people getting out of line and people getting angry. So we went inside the   

Friday, 20 October 2017

AJ and Toby problem solving 1

Immersion assembly

On the first day of school it was a great start. We went inside the hall and sat down with some music playing. First Mr jacobsen told us about his cousin and how he played the drums in a pipe band. His group was very cool because there was a lot of instruments playing and it was so nice.

The team 1 act was starting and they were acting about how music can change your emotion.The act was very cool because there was lot of music that changed their feeling and it was funny how one of them were very scared that hided under the table. Team 2 was very nice because Mrs gasden voice was very beautiful as she sanged the lion jungle with the ukelele and she sanged all the teachers in team 2 came in and played the instrument with the beat of the song.

Team 3 was very funny because very word they say had a song in it. Team 4  was next and that is my team. There movie was about music that can  make you feel happy and that can always have fun inside the car.

Team 5  was very emotional because they were watching a clip and it was very nice but the song was changing and it was very scary.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Term 2 paidea seminar

Term 2 seminar was a very hard thing for me. I did not participate enough because i was so scared to talk because i might think that they would not understand me. I need to talk more and put more information when I talk.

Teachers say that i've been waiting for the teacher to put and question in seminar I will answer it. So next time i'll talk  more in the paidea seminar and do not wait for the teacher to put a question in the seminar. 

Extension Animation

Here is my extension animation about how we have to adapt to live on another planet.


The Right Beat