Tuesday, 12 December 2017

End of Year Learning Reflection

End of Year Learning Reflection

Walt reflect on our learning.

Walt make changes to the way we learn to help us improve.

Your task: Write to explain something you have learnt this year, a challenge you have overcome and what you would like to focus on for the beginning of 2018.

Explain one thing you have learnt in reading this year.

I felt better when I had a reading because I learned lot

Explain one thing you have learnt in writing this year.

I could Write more this year

What challenges have your overcome in literacy this year?

The challenge that I overcomed was learning more this year

What you would like to focus on for the beginning of 2018 in reading.

Reading more and understand stuff

What you would like to focus on for the beginning of 2018 in writing.

I will focus on making sence on my writting

Photo to express how you feel about your successes in literacy this year.

Term 4 songs

One of these song are a music to a poem and the poem was made by Jenny powell

Capture the flag

Taking part of capture the flag was so boring and it was so short. the games were fast we only had 2 games in the morning . We had one green team and one red team on the field. In the corners there were  flags where you had to get the flag and return to your corner.

Where you get your flag from the other team are cones that are blocking the flags and In the square is your safe zone. When I went to get the flag there were people who were goose guarding and standing I front of square. I won many flags for my team and we won the game.

I was so muddy because I kept on diving because there was no way to walk past because there people  goose guarding. It was kind of fun playing with my friends because had no help. It was such a sunny day but the field was so muddy so we had wash our feet.

Yellow highlight a simple Sentence

Blue highlight a compound Sentence

Green highlight a complex sentence

Animation voice over

Today’s animation is about space there once lived two young men who were digging for soil but they couldn’t  find anything so they kept on digging. They found something black and white it was the core they smash the core and the worlds was about to end. Five years later the world was turning black. So two of them built a spacecraft and went off to find a different planet. They found a different planet that was called earth two it just looked like earth better. Ten years later they builded a house so that they could live in it they found lot of resources so that they could live there.