Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Every Tuesday after lunch we go to kiwisport basketball. Kiwisport basketball is where we train in the hall with class 13.our coaches is coach vinne and coach cheince . We have that coaches cause how we get ready to for basket.

When we arrived at basketball we started warm up the warm up. The Warm up games were octopus and red light and green light. We play that game because that how we warm up for basketball.

The skill I have doing is spining the ball in my finger and  w target . I do skill the skill because because when we play for a basketball you could use the skill to get more. We do the because that how we learn more skill.

After basketball we play against the girls we line in 2 group boy and girls. I really that cause I get crazy out and you have to get 5 point win. We play that game cause that how we like basket ball.

The best thing that I did was playing against the girl. I learned about  sping the ball in our . I hope that coach vinne and coach chince have a good day.

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