Thursday, 20 August 2015

Heidi the Dental Therapist

Nurse heidi is a dental therapist that works at pt england school. She is a helper from the      dental clinic. Nurse Heidi she is a very helpful person.      

 Nurse Heidi wanted to be a dental therapist when she was five. She trained at university for 2 year at university. She helped the dentist at her school since she was five.

Nurse Heidi looks after our teeth because she  want to make sure that our teeth is clean. Nurse Heidi looks after our teeth because she want our teeth to be  clean. I love nurse HeidI looking after the Pt England School's teeth.

Nurse Heidi weirdest teeth was her dog. She gives her treats so she is could clean her dog's teeth. The dog does not like it.

If Nurse Heidi comes to your school she will make your school happy . Nurse Heidi is really kind and friendly. Nurse Heidi is really nice to Pt England.


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