Friday, 17 June 2016

Tamarereti story

Long long time ago In the Maori world there used to be a living taniwha that lived in Lake Taupo who hunted people who stayed in the water too long.
In a whare was a littile boy his name was Tamarereti He was so  hungry that  he went fishing in the morning. He got his waka ready and his bag so he can catch fish.

So he went fishing in the Lake Taupo. It was the after noon and he was so tired so he lay down for a little moe on his waka. As Tamarereti was asleep, the wind pushed him and the waka all the way to the other side of Llake Taupo. As he landed on the land he woke up and it was night. Tamarereti got out of his waka and cooked the fish one by one.

As he was cooking he saw some Glistening pebbles so he had a idea to keep him saffe from the taniwha
so he grabbed the glistening pebbles and put them in the boat. So tamarereti went on the lake with his boat and threw the glistening pebbles on to the sky and giuded him back to his home safely. As he got back So he went for a long nab until it was tomorow afternoon he woke up visted ranginui He said “ the sky looks really cool and i want your boats to be in the heaven”.

THE END                                                                     

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