Thursday, 29 June 2017

Back in da Day Production

My favourite part of the Back in da Day mini production  was when the slow motion part happened. Also when we all had to come together and pray before the show so that we had so that we have the courage to stand up and say our part.  I was so nervous. I had to work on saying it probably and remember the lines without the lines.  
There were 18 of us creating our production it was every hard to do because we had to design the clothes. We had to make the sound and make our own music and we used garage band. Also we had to draw the background and write our research.
What I did was acting as brother but I was supposed to be a sister because Amira didn't come .so I had to learn Amira's part of the production. Also I am apart of the light and sound group.

Date: 2.10pm 27/6/17

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