Saturday, 8 July 2017

Rainy day

The first day of the holiday had a very bad weather and that was today. I wish that we could go outside to have fun  but I had to stay at home with my cousin over 20 years old because my Mum and Dad had to go work. What I did was I stayed and blogged at home with my chrome book in the front.

The next hours I decided to play cards with my sister and she kept on winning all the time because she learned it before me. So we played bus stop four time and she won all of them because she had fast hand writing and can think faster. So played one more game and she won three time and I won one game.

So after playing all of those game I started to have a sleep but I had no sleep because of Richard’s loud snoring. Then I tried to go sleep in the front but my cousin turned on the speaker and my ears were hurting. So I slept in my mum and dad room and fell down and went sleep.  

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