Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Capture the flag

Taking part of capture the flag was so boring and it was so short. the games were fast we only had 2 games in the morning . We had one green team and one red team on the field. In the corners there were  flags where you had to get the flag and return to your corner.

Where you get your flag from the other team are cones that are blocking the flags and In the square is your safe zone. When I went to get the flag there were people who were goose guarding and standing I front of square. I won many flags for my team and we won the game.

I was so muddy because I kept on diving because there was no way to walk past because there people  goose guarding. It was kind of fun playing with my friends because had no help. It was such a sunny day but the field was so muddy so we had wash our feet.

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