Thursday, 22 February 2018

Getting my egg friend

Walt: structure a recount.

Orientates and hooks

See how our teacher teaches us. I thought it was suppose to be a good day but it wasn’t , so we had to do something very weird. Have you ever had the best teacher .

Getting our egg friends was very different to learning, but when Mr Goodwin told us the instruction about the eggs it was ok. Looking at Mr Goodwin drawing of his egg was very funny and cool. So Mr Goodwin was naming the egg. so Marika put up her hand and answerd “ Bob” and we started to laugh.

So Mr Goodwin told us” Can you go out side and line up perfectly” So we went outside and did everything he said perfectly. After that we had to Cradle the egg while walking to the park. When we got to the park Mr Goodwin said “We are at the park because we are here to do a challenge “ and we were suprised. Have you ever cradle a egg while walking through school.

At the park we had to take photos of our egg before we done the challenge. The challenge was to cross the park with your egg on your hand. But when I got on to the monkey bars , I thought my left hand had the egg in it but it was on the my right hand so I smashed the egg on the pole and got it all over my uniform. So Mr Goodwin took a photo of the people who smashed the egg and embarrassed us.

What I think about the egg friend experience. What I thought about it was very weird because we had to name and cradle it. It was yuck when it went all over my t-shirt and smelled like egg .

Task Description: What we need to do In this recount is write everything that we did. I cracked my egg as it says in my recount. It was very funny and fun also cool hanging with my friend.

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