Thursday, 16 August 2018

The rubbish clean up

Walt :structure a recount

Waking up in morning waiting for what we were gonna do today. I thought we were gonna have a good and sunny day but it was cold and freezing, I really wanted to do reading but I came to the mat and heard Mr Goodwin “ today we are gonna write a recount” AJ replied quietly “ man I don't like writing”. Have you ever came to school and guessed what we are gonna do?.

Mr Goodwin said “ we have to go outside and and line up quietly” , He sent the boys out first and then the girls. Mr Goodwin came outside and yelled at the boys cause they were sliding on the ground and singing. I came into the line and started walking to the reserve with Miss haare and it was freezing cold cause I had no jumper. Once we got there we had to get into teams of five. There was enough teams but there was not enough plastic bag for all the group so one group had to split up.

It was the first round of the game and we had to go around the soccer field and pick a lot of rubbish to win. I went to the biggest piles of rubbish and picked up 15 pieces of rubbish from the corner of the field. Second round was hard cause it was a very small and it didn’t have enough rubbish to pick up. Third round there was a much more bigger one, It was the next soccer field and there was tiny pieces of rubbish but we still need to pick it up. Fourth round we went into the bottom field at school and saw a lot of rubbish and we had a lot of rubbish in our bag. Fifth round was the rugby field and there was a lot of pieces and it was finished and done.

At the end Mr Goodwin Blew the whistle and told us to come in and check how many rubbish we had. We came into lines in our groups and we were the first one to get checked and Miss haare said “ This bag is good and there is no grass”. The next Group they had a lot and it was Jacob’s group and it was fantastic. The third group was Eden’s group they were disqualified from the game because put an shoe inside. The fourth group was disqualified to cause they put in bark so the winners was Jacob’s group and they earned ten minutes of cool math games.

What I thought about the activity was fun because we went outside and ran, picked up rubbish, getting our hands dirty and being in groups. We thought that we were gonna win but we got to cocky and gave up because we had a lot but the other didn’t. The experience was fun and cold.

Task Description: We had to do a experience and write about it. Also we ran in the cold and got our shoes wet.

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