Friday, 14 October 2016

MAD scientist

It was 2036 Doctor Ugly Man Lives In a secret underground Lab In the Lab There was a very Bad Illegal Position that was banned 2012 years ago.
People say that he was the first man to event a position so that he could Survive longer than 2 million years for him to be evil.
He survived the biggest explosion in 1656 his Dad was the man who made the massive bomb to explode the universe but it didn’t work that goo

Doctor Ugly man Mixed the most illegal position and lava together and it exploded
half of a Planet called nova “nobody can ever stop me ”he said.
He started To build An army to rule the universe There was 4 million Soldiers.
 he made an powerful gun that was called Armour gun. “Where is my armour Gun” he shouted.

“Guns are really powerful” “with this gun  I am going to rules the universe” he said.
Doctor Ugly Man service was very smart that they Builded an to teleporter so that they can go to a another planet  and destroy it.
Doctor Ugly man builded an machine so that could have powers, it took 2 years to build it, the powers he had was heat vision and strength ,speed, invisible, and ice powers.
But At the back of Doctor Ugly man got stabbed in the back . but he still survived then he died because he had too much powers that he could not handle it.
Then the FBI came and took Doctor Ugly In Prison. It was the scares ,ugliest and the most Brutal prison ever. So he was laid down on the ground died and lonely. Then AJ Faleono SAid “ finally at last the war finish” he said to the world and became president of the whole world.

He took Doctor ugly man powers and made peace.

MADE FROm Doctor ugly man /AJ

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