Friday, 21 October 2016

The runaway robot

“Hahahaha” shouted The mad scientist as he made his lastest creation that was called Finn. “ My lastest creation has been born out of tools” he said to himself. He looked like the most adorable little Baby that was supost to be an evil slave, but he grew up as the richest man of the united states of America and that was very good for the mad scientist.
He came the richest robot of America and ran away from his creator because he didn’t like his creator because the creator made Finn steal 2000 dollars a night 2 aclock at night. he will sneak into the most creative banks and he wills make the agent go asleep. He said “hahaha” out happiness he smiled and smiled.

As he grew up he saw his creator nailing a sign into a wooden pole saying if you find this Robot and bring him to me you will get 256 dollars. Suddenly he flew away finn and made a force felid and he burst out of nowhere and the creator said “ No my creation has been a fail”.  But when the Mad Scientist chucked him the  rich robot away Finn had been faking his death. He went out of the junk and made himself stronger and faster and smarter everday he will to the go gym and go for an swim.

Finally at last he rush to his creator and said “if you try to catch me you will end up with some broken bone” he said out of anger. The creator started to burn Finn and started to stop him from shooting his own fire blast, Finn blasted his fire and died because he had no more power left.

He was sent off in his creators lab and was charged there in a box  forever and ever. The creator erased his memory and said “ good my good very best friend” but the robot didn’t now that he was still rich and then a thiefs stole all his money.

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