Thursday, 5 July 2018

Scary Story

It was a very windy and dark day. There was a house that kept on opening and closing down the street. So their was a very brave man who was named puliko. He was not scared of anything he saw and heard. But one day he decided to put a end to the scary house down the street.

He gathered some people to come and help and protect him. They walked down the street looking at all the scary people. He stolid right in front of the scary house and barged in without knocking on the door. He walked down the hall way and heard a noise coming from the basement.

He went down to the basement and said “ come out no one is scared of you”. So there was a louder noise coming from the upstairs. One of them stayed inside of base and the rest was all gone. Puliko went upstairs and saw a very scary creature looking at him.

He was scared and was about to fun out and cry. So the scary creature told him to stay in Spanish and he was never ever to be seen again.

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