Thursday, 26 July 2018

The immersion Assembly

Woke up this morning and it was very sunny day. Went to school very late and it was time to go to the hall for immersion assembly, once we went in to the hall we could not see Mr Burt but when it assembly started we saw Mr Burt in a girls outfit. Have Your Principal ever wore a girls outfit?.

What the theme of the school I think of is about fitness. This term is gonna be a hard term for the people who are not into sport and the people that doesn’t like going out for running.

Our team 4 theme is is very excited cause it gonna help kids or teacher that are not fit enough. The team 4 theme is like helping kids have a good idea about the future. Also it gonna help kids think much more faster cause fitness is kind of easy to do.

What I wanna Explore about this term is having more exciting games and enjoying the outside. I think if we have the games it gonna refresh us if we are having bad day. We should be doing more games in the class to keep us in a active activity and keeps us going and standing.

The new theme for this year is gonna be very fun. Also The Beep is gonna be hard this term also there is another in week 7. Hope you enjoyed the writing

Task Description: I had to write about how we wanted to learn this term. Also write about what we were gonna do this term. Also how we are gonna be fit .

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