Thursday, 10 December 2015


I didn't like that people who tells me what to do because it makes me tired every time so I try to run away from those people who tell me what to do. So they got me and turn me into a man who tells me what to do and I work there for 2 year. I sleep at my house 2 day so I got up and ran around the field so it can't make me tired.

The best thing is running with my friend at the park I loved playing at the field playing soccer we alway lose the game every time. I alway hide some where that nobody can see me and I run all the way to the goalpost and chuck it in the goalpost get 1 goal. 

My favourite learning is math because I'm cybersmart and I want to go university and train for being a scientist. It will be cool being a scientist because it will you get to try out those purple stuff. I would like to work like a scientist forever.

How can we make it better next time because it good for your learning. Your learning is so important that you can be smarter. I love making thing better because they call me grandpa because I'm the wise one.

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