Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tuesday morning recount

Coming to school on a tuesday. Watching a video of Mr bean showing us how to use our ears and not our mouths. Mr Bean showed us how it could be fun and very funny.

So after the video Miss West told us to go outside and line up. Walking to the field was not so good because there was people who were running around and going out of line. When we got to the fields Miss West told us to get in a circle.

When we were in the circle Miss west told how to play. we played and it was very funny. So it was my turn and Jacob was frozen and then I went to him and then I had to freeze but there was Some people started talking so we just started the next game.
So the next game started and it was very boring because there was only four groups that went up. Because some of us were playing and it was me . The game was about how we get into groups and act out a sence and one person from another group and guess what were doing.

So It starting to rain and all of us were getting wet and Miss waiting for us to get in two lines. Also we kept on stopping because of people getting out of line and people getting angry. So we went inside the   

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